Hosting Control Panel

The control panel contains all the functions you'll need to maintain and monitor your website and visitors

  • Use the File Manager interface to upload, create, remove, and edit files
  • Use the FTP Accounts interface to manage File Transfer Protocol (FTP) accounts.
  • Tools to help you view, resize and convert image files or limit access with password-protected directories.
  • The MySQL Databases interface helps to create databases on your websites with a step-by-step guide
  • Create database driven sites such as  content management systems and online retail shops.
  • Manipulate databases directly with phpMyAdmin.
  • View the most recent entries in the logs for a given domain or use the Errors interface to display the last 300 errors for your site. This data can help you find broken links, missing files, and other problems.
  • View your site's monthly and overall bandwidth usage and download your server's access log to see your site's visitors.
  • Backup your website and configuration to your computer.  
  • View a graphical overview of your account's available space. This feature can help you to manage your disk space usage.

To learn more about the setup and use of these feature please see our Knowledgebase

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