Email Control Panel

Use the Email Accounts interface to manage the email account for your domains. Create as many accounts as you need and assign them space from your total allotment. Accounts can be protected by activating Apache SpamAssassin, an email filter that identifies and filters spam. Additional filters for a specific email address or all account as can be created as required

Forwarders allow you to forward any incoming email from one address to another & Autoresponders send automated response emails to anyone who sends mail to a specific email account.

Use the Default Address interface to set up a default or catch-all address, Track Delivery, and use the Authentication interface to secure your mail. The Encryption interface will allow you to configure  a publicly available encryption; messages use a public key to encrypt messages that only a private key can decryp. 

Use the Archive interface to save incoming, outgoing, or mailing list emails for a specified amount of time.



Learn more about the setup and use of these features from our Knowlegdebase.

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